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Piety Hill storefront to open as flower shop/bar/retail combo in 2019

Garden Flora will grow into the neighborhood

Photos courtesy of Garden Flora

The area north of New Center and south of Boston-Edison has a mix of single-family homes, duplexes, apartment buildings, and storefronts in need of businesses. What kinds of businesses would work in the neighborhood? A husband and wife team plans to open a little bit of everything—a flower shop, beer and wine store, and a bar under the name Garden Flora—in one of those storefronts early next year.

Expect florally-focused beers, hand-tied bouquets of flowers, plus wine and beer retail offerings in the shop. The building sits next to an urban farm run by Central Detroit Christian, and Richard and Laura Ludka intend on purchasing flowers from their neighbors when they’re in season.

The Ludkas took possession of the building in August, and they’ve cleaned up some of the exterior thus far. They plan to start construction this winter on the patio, along with improving architectural and heating and cooling elements of the building. Krieger Klatt Architects is working on the buildout. They’re currently looking for a tenant that could serve food, as well.

A couple other commercial properties featured on Curbed sit close to the property; perhaps it would be a good time for other businesses to start looking in the area. The Ludkas hope that this becomes a space where the neighborhood can come and hang out, since there aren’t many businesses like this nearby. They’re currently aiming for a March 2019 opening.