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What’s on your wish list for the next big Detroit development?

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Bold design? Adaptive reuse?

This downtown view will change significantly in the next few years.
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we’ll pass the mic to readers to speak up about topics of interest, distress, horror, and more. Have something you want discussed? Let us know. This week’s topic: the next phase of Detroit development.

Detroit hasn’t seen many developments completed this year, but it has seen many details for larger developments materialize. A year ago, not many would have guessed that Ford would buy Michigan Central Station, and develop plans for a whole Corktown campus, but here we are. Soon, Chemical Bank will start work on a 20-story tower across from Comerica Park. Recently, funding was announced for a world-class park along the West Riverfront, bringing a new outdoor destination to the city. And just this week, Bedrock revealed new renderings for the Hudson’s site, soaring higher into Detroit’s skyline.

The exterior of a glass building that has an attached glass tower.
New Hudson’s site renderings released earlier this week.
Courtesy of Bedrock

These are major projects for a city that just recently emerged from bankruptcy. Curbed Detroit’s construction map keeps getting bigger, and developments are starting to make their way into the neighborhoods.

What do you want to see next? Are you hoping for a modernist, stand-out design to take shape in the downtown core? Is there an architect whose work you’d like to see in the Motor City? Is there a piece of land or building you want to see activated? Do you have an idea for an innovative adaptive reuse project? Or do you want something that’s more than an office tower, more than just apartments? Do you want to see more destinations, or places where visitors and residents can enjoy? An observation deck or two? Or are you more realistic and just hoping some of the announced developments break ground sometime soon?

Or should we be more focused on how people get there and creating a strong regional transit system?

Honestly, if you’re just hoping for a Target or movie theater, we understand.

Let’s hear what you want to see as we look forward to the next few years in the city. Post your ideas in the comments below.