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Motown Museum expansion snags major donation

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The museum has raised $16.5 million for the project

In late 2016, the Motown Museum announced a campaign for a major expansion, which would bring a new theater, interactive exhibits, more space, and a bold new look to the popular tourist destination.

Fundraising has been underway for the $50 million project. Earlier this week, the museum announced a $500,000 grant from the DTE Foundation. The Detroit Free Press reports that this brings the fundraising total to $16.5 million for the project.

No timeline for the construction has been announced, although museum officials say that there are more major donations in the works in the next six months.

Phil Freelon, who led the design team for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, led initial concepts for the museum expansion.

The timing would be great for this, as more development has found its way into New Center and its surrounding areas. The Pistons Practice Facility is taking shape, and new residential is under construction nearby.

The Motown Museum sits just west of New Center and the expanding Henry Ford Hospital.

Motown Museum

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