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Michigan State Parks will be free on Black Friday

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#OptOutside this Friday

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Black Friday can often mean waiting in long lines at department stores for great deals. If that’s not on your post-Thanksgiving to-do list, getting into the great outdoors could be a better option.

Michigan State Parks are waiving entrance fees on Friday, although an announcement notes that “permit and license fees still apply.” What is free? Hiking, skiing or snowshoeing (depending on where you are in the state), watching wildlife, and mountain biking, among other activities. The DNR has a full list of hiking trails and historic sites and museums to visit around the state.

It’s all part of an #OptOutside movement to get people to engage more with nature.

For those staying in Detroit for the holiday, that means the fee will be waived to get onto Belle Isle.

Of course, it will be important to bundle up. At least in metro Detroit, temperatures are looking to be colder than normal for the holiday.