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Construction ramps up on One Campus Martius expansion

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The murals will be covered

Photo by Robin Runyan

One major construction project has quietly started downtown. The expansion of One Campus Martius, which will add about 310,000 square feet of office space to the 2003 building, is now underway.

The addition will noticeably cover two major murals downtown—Shepard Fairey’s went up in 2015 while How & Nosm’s Balancing Act was painted in 2016. Fairey recently told the Free Press that there could be another mural in the works with Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock soon, and that, “As a street artist I’m very used to work coming and going”

The expansion of the Compuware Building (or One Campus Martius, or the Meridian Building) was packaged with three other major Bedrock developments to snag approval for massive tax breaks. The Compuware expansion is the smallest of the developments at $95 million, and will be the first to be completed.

The other three developments include the Hudson’s site, which will include the tallest building in Detroit.

Construction underway at the Hudson’s site
Photo by Robin Runyan

Also included with the tax package is the redevelopment of the Book Tower, which is currently underway. The new construction of the Monroe Blocks rounds out the deal; ground is expected to break on that development by the end of the year.