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A free, colorful roller rink is coming downtown

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November 30-January 27

Photo by Alessandra Ferrara. Courtesy of FriendsWithYou and Library Street Collective

Looking to escape the cold winter? A bright, colorful installation is coming to 1001 Woodward in the form of a roller rink.

Led by the Library Street Collective and artists FriendsWithYou, the Rainbow City Roller Rink is set to open November 30. Whimsical sculptures will float from the ceiling over the green and white striped rink. And yes, admission is free.

Skates and lockers will be available to rent. Admission will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Photo by Alessandra Ferrara. Courtesy of FriendsWithYou and Library Street Collective

The installations stand as high as 30-feet-tall, with a carnival-like look to them. According to a press release,“The installation creates a surreal landscape intended to provoke an iconic and childlike awareness, and offers an opportunity to connect physically and psychologically with an energetic, ephemeral setting.”

It’s quite noticeable from the street. 1001 Woodward stands across from Campus Martius Park—which currently has an ice skating rink for winter. Windows surround the first floor of 1001 Woodward, and the bright colors stand out.

Library Street Collective’s Anthony Curis says, “The art of FriendsWithYou spreads a purity and positivity very rarely experienced outside of childhood, but is created for people of all ages. Their work has the power to take you out of the reality of the day to day and just be in the moment. We’re very excited to present such a seamless connection between art and activation in downtown for the holidays.”

Rainbow City has also been exhibited in Toronto, New York, and Miami, but this is the first time roller skating has been incorporated into it.

Library Street Collective has been behind many downtown installations, including Mirage Detroit, the Detroit Skybridge, the Belt Alley, and the Wayfinding skateboarding park. The installation is supported by Bedrock and the Quicken Loans Community Fund.

It will be open 2-9 p.m., Wednesday-Sunday from November 30 to January 27.

1001 Woodward

1001 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226