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Noel Night transitions to day and night celebration

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December 1

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

This year’s Noel Night in Midtown will try out a new plan—many cultural center events will happen during the day. In an effort to promote a more relaxed atmosphere and relieve congestion, events will be scheduled from 1-10 p.m. throughout Midtown. Cultural centers will generally be open from 1-5 p.m., with many other venues open from 5-10 p.m.

This comes after last year’s shooting incident near the Detroit Institute of Arts on Noel Night.

The Wright Museum, the Detroit Historical Museum, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Michigan Science Center, the College for Creative Studies, and the main branch of the Detroit Public Library will all have programming during the day and will close at 5.

A full lineup of participating museums, shops, restaurants, churches, and other venues participating can be found here.

The weather forecast is calling for rain all day, so bring an umbrella. Note: The ice scraper challenge has been cancelled due to weather.


Midtown Detroit Inc. recommends taking the Mack exit from I-75 or the Forest exit from the Lodge. The group also says that John R always gets backed up, and to take an alternate route.

Woodward will be open this year.

DDOT and SMART run bus lines along Woodward Avenue, and the QLine will be running that day and evening. Transit Guide has all the routes and options available for those taking public transportation to and from the event.

Free shuttles will also be available.

Many parking garages are located around Wayne State. Street parking is also an option but pay attention to signs and parking rates. If you’re going to park in a lot or garage, it’ll cost $7-10. Midtown Detroit Inc. recommends these lots:

  • Detroit Institute of Arts Parking Lot | Cash + Credit Card

Located on John R. St., south of Kirby St. and north of Warren Ave., across from the DIA.

  • Wayne State University Parking Structure 1 | Credit Card Only

450 W. Palmer

  • Wayne State University Parking Structure 3 | Credit Card Only

45 E. Warren

  • Wayne State University Parking Structure 6 | Cash + Credit Card

61 Putnam

  • Wayne State University Parking Structure 7 | Credit Card Only

Mack/John R

  • Wayne State University Parking Structure 8 | Cash + Credit Card

91 W. Forest

  • Wayne State University Parking Lot 23 | Credit Card Only

38 W. Palmer

  • Wayne State University Parking Lot 32 | Credit Card Only

475 W. Palmer

  • Wayne State University Parking Lot 33 | Credit Card Only

5521 Woodward

  • Wayne State University Parking Lot 35 | Credit Card Only

5555 John R

  • Wayne State University Parking Lot 72 | Credit Card Only

4510 Cass

  • Wayne State University Parking Lot 75 | Credit Card Only

545 E. Canfield

  • Woodward Gardens Parking Structure | Cash Only

25 W. Alexandrine

What to See

Music performances will be happening through the day and evening, from the Detroit Shipping Company to the Scarab Club. A full lineup can be found here.

Tickets for horse-drawn carriage rides will be at a booth outside of Wayne State’s Walter P. Reuther Library.

Live Animals of the Nativity will be in front of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul at 4800 Woodward from 3-8 p.m.

Where to Shop

Woodward and Warren will be activated with many activities, including the Winter Art and Retail Market.

Food trucks will be at Woodward and Warren, as well as behind the DIA.

Shopping can be found at a variety of businesses, including in the Park Shelton, the Cass Collective, and along West Canfield. New businesses include Advance Plumbing and the Detroit Shipping Company.

Full details on participating venues, parking, and performances can be found here.