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Workers, hotel reach an agreement at Detroit’s Westin Book Cadillac

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The strike is over

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

The month-long strike by Unite Here Local 24 workers at the Westin Book Cadillac hotel is now over. Unite Here announced this weekend that hotel workers had reached a settlement with the hotel, and that details would would be released once workers in other cities across the country reached agreements.

“We stood strong in solidarity, and meant it when we said one job should be enough for hotel workers in the city of Detroit,” said Unite Here Local 24 President Nia Winston. “We’re hopeful that similar progress can be achieved in the six cities still on strike, and the progress made by Marriott here in Detroit shows that they are able to make reasonable movement. What we’ve achieved will change workers lives and the hotel industry here in Detroit.”

A Marriott International spokesperson tells Curbed, “The contract has been ratified. We look forward to welcoming our associates back at work.”

The strike started in early October as workers claimed their wages hadn’t increased on par with other hotels—workers at the Westin at the Ren Cen make $2 an hour more on average—and that one job should be enough to work in the city. Unite Here claims that the Book Cadillac is the most profitable hotel in the city, and that workers stayed with it through the hard times.

The strike cost the Book Cadillac two major conferences, including the CityLab summit of mayors and urban leaders—which moved to the Ren Cen. Another summit of Michigan business leaders moved their event to Cobo Center.

Westin Book Cadillac Hotel

1114 Washington Boulevard, , MI 48226