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Hamtramck church-turned-loft asks $240K

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Could it be the answer to your prayers?

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

For those seeking solace and/or an untraditional living space, this old church in Hamtramck may be what you’re looking for. Originally the First Baptist Church of Hamtramck, the owner tells Curbed that the baptismal fountain is sealed underneath the house, and that occasionally friendly visitors stop by to see where family or children had been baptized. According to the owner, “They told me the fountain was under the pulpit (which is now the kitchen) and the church would open it twice a year to do the ceremony.” The church had a reverend referred to as “Peanut,” and apparently, a time capsule is buried here.

With all its history, the church/loft has great energy. In terms of real estate, it spans 2,400 square feet with two bedrooms and one bath, plus a wide-open living space with a fireplace in the middle. The dwelling also has great acoustics; some local artists have recorded here. It has big skylight to bring natural light into the space, and a backyard for gardening. It’s listed through O’Connor Real Estate for $240,000.