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Eastern Market egg building to convert into retail, event, and coworking space

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With a complete transformation of the building

Photos courtesy of Beatrice Wolnerman

Another Eastern Market building will soon reopen with a new business—and more. Beatrice Wolnerman and her husband Eli just closed on 1533 Winder, distinctive—for now—for its egg murals. In the coming months, the building will house not only their small business, but a coffee bar, an event space, and coworking space. The couple just closed on the building for $525,000.

The transformation will call for a full rehab, including the facade and a new roof. There’s no front door to the building, only an entrance in the back. The couple will work with Mertz Design in Grosse Pointe on both design and construction of the building.

Beatrice Wolnerman in front of the building
The plan for the front of the building

The building currently doesn’t have much light coming into it, so larger windows and a front door will be added. Although the building hasn’t been used for quite some time, remnants from its likely meat-packing past still remain.

The building will serve a variety of purposes and will be activated throughout the day. Wolnerman bought the building on a search for a space for her gifting business—Open Me When—which was started in August 2017 and grew rapidly. Wolnernan tells Curbed that the space will be split between warehouse flex space and a retail shopping space with coffee bar. “In the evenings, we plan to partner with local event planners, creating unique, curated experiences each month and opening up the guest list to the public,” she says. “Our space will also be available for rent for private parties, meetings, and other occasions, allowing anyone to create their dream event in the ultimate urban environment.”

The coworking space will have a range of options for entrepreneurs or freelancers, including a conference room and photo studio on the small upper level.

They expect to open in early 2019, with progress updated on their instagram. They’re one of many new building owners in Eastern Market. And although the egg mural will go, they hope to be part of Murals in the Market next year.

The new space will be called Bea’s.