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Recently revamped West Village duplex asks $359K

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Close to businesses and Belle Isle

Photos by Stylish Detroit

The last time this West Village duplex came up for sale, it was a mess. It listed for $135,000 and needed a complete rehab, although it had new systems. It sold for $117,500 in mid-2017, and it’s back completed and ready for new owners and tenants. It’s now listing for $359,000.

The duplex has four bedrooms, three baths, refinished and newer flooring, new appliances, rewiring, a front and back porch, a fresh new look to the exterior, and a considerable yard. It’s close to businesses on both Agnes and Kercheval, with more development coming in the next few years. It’s also near Belle Isle and about three miles east of downtown Detroit. It’s listed through Jan Dijkers at the Loft Warehouse.