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Vacant Jefferson-Chalmers buildings to be rehabbed for apartments

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Over half will be affordable

A large red brick building with multiple windows and trees in front of it. The building is part of Marlborough and IDAO buildings in Detroit.
A rendering of the updated IDAO Building
Courtesy of the City of Detroit

Two more buildings on the east side will be rehabbed for housing. In a partnership between Jefferson East Inc. and Shelborne Development, the city announced a $5.4 million redevelopment of the two Jefferson-Chalmers buildings.

23 residential units will be available, with 12 allocated as affordable for residents making $30,000 or less. The rent for these will be about $800 per month.

Jefferson-Chalmers is one of ten neighborhoods part of the Strategic Neighborhoods Fund, which is driving development and investment in specified neighborhoods throughout the city. Last week, the Fund received $35 million in corporate funding.

The Marlborough apartment building, located on Marlborough Street north of Jefferson, is a 1927 building that will house 15 affordable and market-rate apartments. According to a release from the city, the building has been vacant for more than three decades.

The IDAO Building, south of Jefferson, will have eight units with market-rate and affordable options.

Marlborough Building
Courtesy of the City of Detroit
The IDAO Building
Courtesy of the City of Detroit

”JEI has been focused on preventing displacement by creating inclusive development opportunities that benefit the neighborhood’s residents and businesses. Through JEI’s collaborative partnership with Shelborne Development combined with the support of the City, we are excited to deliver on a need residents have expressed to us throughout the years,” stated Josh Elling, CEO of Jefferson East Inc. “There is a waiting list for affordable, multi-family units in the neighborhood.”

Jefferson-Chalmers is on the far east side of the city, bordering Grosse Pointe Park and the Riverfront. The neighborhood is filled with single-family houses, duplexes, apartment buildings, canals, and a commercial corridor along Jefferson Avenue. Efforts have been made in recent years to protect the rich architectural character of the neighborhood.

The renovations should be complete by Fall 2019.