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Brush Park bed & breakfast is up for lease

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The Emanuel Schloss House, or the 234 Winder Street Inn is looking for a new tenant

Photos courtesy of Alexander Real Estate

Brush Park has some of the most incredible architecture in the city. The houses that remain showcase a variety of Victorian and Second Empire designs. One such house, the Emanuel Schloss House at 234 Winder, was renovated in 2006 and has been used as a bed and breakfast since. Now, we have an interesting opportunity and listing—the house is looking for a new commercial tenant.

The 1872 historic house sits right across the freeway from Comerica Park and Ford Field, and a couple blocks from the Little Caesars Arena. It has nine bedrooms, multiple fireplaces, elegant woodwork, hardwood floors, different seating areas, and a large outdoor space. Ten parking spots would be included with the lease. It’s a beautiful home and an intriguing opportunity; the house was also designated a Michigan State Historic Site in 1988. The lease is $17,500, zoned commercial for the 6,000-square-foot home. It’s close to downtown, Eastern Market, and all the new development in Brush Park. It’s listed through Alexander Real Estate Detroit.