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Which Detroit developments were the most exciting in 2018?

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A new opening? Or plans for the future?

The exterior of Michigan Central Station in Detroit. The facade has multiple windows and columns flanking the entryway and lower level windows.
Guess who’s back?
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we’ll pass the mic to readers to speak up about topics of interest, distress, horror, and more. Have something you want discussed? Let us know. This week’s topic: development news in 2018.

In 2018, Detroit development news has largely been about planning for the future and how we get around the city. Detroit hasn’t necessarily seen many new developments open—although there’s still a few weeks left, Shinola Hotel—but a lot was announced this year that’s worth getting excited about.

Who would have thought that this year, Ford would have bought and revealed plans to renovate Michigan Central Station? Vacant for so long, it had to take the right developer or company to step up and save this historic beauty. In the next few years, Ford will work to preserve what’s left and make it a living and working space for the next 100 years.

At the start of the year, there was a design competition underway for the West Riverfront Park. By the end of the year, world class designers Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates were chosen, and the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation granted $50 million toward the project. In the coming years, an incredible destination will transform the West Riverfront, and the Riverwalk will run all the way from Belle Isle to the Ambassador Bridge.

How we get around Detroit also changed this year, as scooters took over the city. More bike lanes made their way on major roads, and MoGo announced an expansion. Basically, it was a year where more shorter-distance solutions became available in the city.

Brush Park continued to add more residential development plans in the mix, while more neighborhood developments started taking shape around the city. And hey, the Hudson’s site is going to be taller!

Was there a big story you followed closely throughout the year? Is there a renovated building that opened that you particularly love? Or are you excited about the work that’s being done now that will help shape the future of the city? Let us know in the comments below.