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Bloomfield Hills megamansion includes two-story library, eight-car garage

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For $10,550,000

An aerial view of a large villa house with many windows and multiple arched roofs. The house is surrounded by trees and grass. Photos by Wayup Media, Courtesy of Sheel Sohal

For that special CEO or athlete looking for a lot of room in a gated community, this Italian villa-themed mansion in Bloomfield Hills might be a good fit. It spans over 17,000 square feet, with an enviable hotel-like pool and outdoor space. The price? $10,550,000.

Inside, you’ll find a lot of different patterns, spiral staircases galore, various kitchens and seating areas, a movie theater, a two-story library connected by another spiral staircase, an under-the-sea mosaic mural, six bedrooms, eight full and two half baths, a fitness room, a sauna, balconies overlooking the lake, and multiple fireplaces. It’s truly like five houses in one. The outdoor space really showcases the home, though; a beautiful pool is the centerpiece to a large entertaining space. And if you need somewhere to park your cars, the garage has room for eight. It’s not on the lake but has that lake view.

2756 Turtle Bluff Drive is listed through Sheel Sohal at Michigan Luxury Homes, LLC/KW Domain.