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Eclectic Boston-Edison home with wallpaper, murals seeks $400K

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Something old, something new

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

In the past year, many homes in Boston-Edison on the west side of the Lodge have been renovated and listed. While they’re lovely, we notice a lot of similarities in the renovations. For those looking for something a little bit different in that area, have we got a house for you. The house actually looks like one you might find in the University District or Sherwood Forest; inside, it has a style all its own. It has crown molding, wood-panelling, and murals. Oh, the murals.

This house is clearly loaded with character. You’ll also find a breakfast nook with built-ins, three sun porches, lovely archways, original tiling in the bathrooms, and extra entertaining space in the basement. The living room has big windows and a warm fireplace. The kitchen is updated, but we anticipate it might not be for everyone. It’s 3,200 square feet with four bedrooms and listed through Lauren Bruyninga at O’Connor Realty for $399,900.