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Corktown’s Ponyride plans move near New Center, sale of building

The Empowerment Plan, who recently moved into a large building in Islandview
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

One of Detroit’s most talked about coworking spaces is plotting a move into a new neighborhood. According to a report from the Detroit Free Press, Ponyride is looking to sell its Corktown building and move into the same facility as Recycle Here! and Make Art Work, just outside of New Center.

Phil Cooley purchased the Corktown building that houses Ponyride when it was in foreclosure, and offered space to non-profits and entrepreneurs for cheap rent. Notable tenants include the Empowerment Plan, which recently moved to a new space in Islandview, and Detroit Denim, who moved into a larger Rivertown space in 2016. Anthology Coffee will move to Eastern Market.

Crain’s reports that Cooley is currently in negotiations to sell the Corktown property, and details on the price of the property won’t be known until the deal is finalized.

Make Art Work is located in a 160,000-square-foot building at 1331 Holden Street, but only about 65,000 square feet is currently in use. Ponyride would potentially move in within the next six to 12 months.

New Center and the area around it is rapidly changing right now. Many new developments are underway, and mainstays like the Henry Ford Hospital and the Motown Museum are undergoing expansions.


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