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Delightful Joseph Berry Subdivision Tudor asks $290K

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Photos by Stylish Detroit

It’s always a treat to see a good house list in the Joseph Berry Subdivision, a Riverfront neighborhood of 100 houses mainly built in the early 1900s. The enclave is home to some of the most unique houses in Detroit, including the Manoogian Mansion and this palatial home. Kid Rock also owns a house right down the street from the mayor’s. The neighborhood is located off Jefferson Avenue, near Indian Village, West Village, and Belle Isle, just a few miles east of downtown.

This 2,700-square-foot 1925 Tudor has a colorful interior including three fireplaces, three bedrooms (the master suite has its own fireplace), leaded glass windows, French doors, built-ins, a spacious kitchen, hardwood floors, and loads of character. Out back, find a large backyard with a big deck. It’s listing for $289,900 through Nika Jusufi at Max Broock Realtors. Here’s a look around.

601 Lodge