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Cass Corridor building to convert to boutique hotel and apartments

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McIntosh Poris Associates

One prominent Cass Corridor building that’s full of potential—and still standing—is this handsome Albert Kahn-designed eight-story building. Last year, it looked like developers would convert the building to apartments. New reports show the building is getting prepped to add a 100-room boutique hotel to the redevelopment plans.

The building sits at 640 Temple Street, close to the Masonic Temple, Cass Park, and the former S.S. Kresge World Headquarters. It’s also a few blocks away from the Little Caesars Arena.

Crain’s reports that the most updated plans for the site include 70 apartments, with the 100-room boutique hotel on the second, third, and fourth floors. The developer tells Crain’s that there’s a performance venue and bank vault on the lower level, and they’d like to add a rooftop pool.

The redevelopment could be completed in the next couple years.

Architects McIntosh Poris Associates announced the boutique hotel conversion on Instagram today.

McIntosh Poris Associates were also behind the design of the Foundation Hotel, which opened last year.

Three new hotels are scheduled to open in downtown Detroit in the coming year, including the Siren Hotel, the Shinola Hotel, and the Element Detroit Hotel at the Metropolitan Building.