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Handsome Woodward Village home asks $180K

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In this past year, we’ve seen so many homes renovated and listed in Boston-Edison; just to the north, in Woodward Village, residents are noticing many renovations of their own. The neighborhood between Boston-Edison and Highland Park has many impressive homes, with plenty that still need some TLC. In addition to the housing stock, there’s also a strong neighborhood associate present in the community.

A recent listing offers many details we hope to find in an old house like this: hardwood floors, a Pewabic fireplace, leaded glass, and built-in cabinetry. It also has a lot of room, at 3,000 square feet. You’ll also find four bedrooms on the second floor, and a large room on the third floor that could serve as a suite. The 103-year-old home also has a formal dining room, two sunrooms, and a butler’s pantry. And just think about how satisfying it would feel to strip the paint off of that woodwork. Our friends in the neighborhood tell us it’s been in the same family for decades. It’s listed for $179,900.