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Contemporary mansion in Palmer Woods seeks $949K

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California meets Detroit

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

What can one million dollars buy in Detroit? A house like this 1979 California Contemporary would go for much more in any other big city, but it’s coming in at just under $950K in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Detroit—Palmer Woods. Sure, the new owners won’t be able to enjoy that gorgeous outdoor space in this arctic freeze, but the expansive windows and skylights bring much needed sunlight into every room. This unusual-for-Detroit mansion is listing for $948,800.

Designed by San Diego architect Mark Steele, this home has features you won’t see in any other listing in Detroit—a pass-through bar between a cozy den and a wide-open living room, a bold pop of red in the kitchen, chandeliers in every bedroom, a bathroom for every mood. The open floor plan allows for maximum light from the windows, and speaking of windows, check out this stairway.

This house has five bedrooms, four and a half baths, and custom everything. The listing clearly states “Home does not need renovation,” i.e., Don’t change it. The house is like no other on the market right now, and we can imagine some fab parties here. It’s listed through O’Connor Real Estate.