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Jefferson-Chalmers multi-family property along the canals asks $375K

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Photos by Stylish Detroit

Last week, readers had a big discussion about an apartment building in need of rehab in Brush Park that’s going for a pricey $1.4 million. Of course, that building is located close to downtown. Prices for multi-family properties in other parts of the city are all over the place. This cool Hubbard Farms property, which included a house and three row houses, just sold for $410,000. Now we have an offering in a very different part of the city.

This property includes a five-unit building, a three-unit house next door, a boat house, and canal access. There’s also an additional two lots included. In terms of the area, it’s right down the street from a large park along the riverfront, and it’s on the border of Grosse Pointe Park. Preservation efforts are underway in Jefferson-Chalmers, and we expect a lot more retail and restaurants along the commercial corridor on Jefferson in the next few years. This property is listed through Hawkins Realty Group for $375,000.