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Southwest row house with yellow kitchen asks $90K

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Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Yesterday we looked at five starter homes around the city—houses that didn’t need a ton of work and listed for a decent price. We’d add this one for consideration. You can’t beat the location for this row house; it’s right off of West Vernor highway in Southwest Detroit, a few blocks from Clark Park. It’s within walking distance from many shops and restaurants and it’s listed for $90,000.

If you’re looking for retro, this unit has you covered. The multi-colored interior includes light pink tiled bathrooms, pastel walls, and a very yellow kitchen. There’s something so charming about the kitchen, which also has room for a table. This house has plenty of room to work with: it has four bedrooms, two baths, room for storage or recreation in the basement, and room for a garden out back (plus a small garage). It’s very retro and it’s listed through O’Connor Real Estate.