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Ornate bi-level Research Loft seeks $479K

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Photography by Stylish Detroit

Not all Detroit lofts are the same, although many boast features keen to loft-lovers: exposed brick, big windows, tall ceilings. This new listing has all that and more. Located at the Research Lofts—tucked away near Wayne State University, New Center, and Tech Town—this three bedroom, two story loft has a spiral staircase, a dressing room with handsome shelving, and original warehouse doors. The price? It’s coming in at $277 per square foot, for a total of $479,000.

You’ll find numerous chandeliers in the 1,729-square-foot loft space, along with hardwood floors, quartz counter tops in the kitchen, and updated bathrooms. The spiral staircase leads to a small room with access to the rooftop deck. Both the living space and the bedrooms have huge windows. For a better look around, see below or take a 3-D tour here.

HOA fees are $195 per month. It’s listed through Jerome Huez at The Loft Warehouse.