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3 neighboring Milwaukee Junction commercial buildings list for sale

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O’Connor Real Estate

One area that’s prime for renovations is Milwaukee Junction, between the North End and the Art Center in Midtown, just east of Woodward. The area has an industrial past, and now houses art galleries, lofts, and the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant. Across East Grand Boulevard, the North End is seeing higher real estate prices. Across Woodward on the Boulevard sits the Fisher Building and a slew of development activity in New Center.

O’Connor Real Estate has just listed three commercial buildings along East Grand Boulevard, near the popular Jam Handy event space. The building with the Illuminated Mural also sits nearby, and that building will soon be redeveloped by The Platform. These buildings are listed separately at $415,000, $325,000, and $450,000.

2857 East Grand Boulevard (5,569 square feet)

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard
Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

2871 East Grand Boulevard (3,852 square feet)

2881 East Grand Boulevard (6,445 square feet)

Each of the buildings can be used for residential, office, and business. This could be an interesting opportunity for a larger developer or a few developers with similar goals. The area certainly gets a lot of car traffic, but not foot traffic at this point. With more lofts and businesses opening in the area, that could change in the next few years.

O’Connor also added some renderings of what the block could look like in the future.

O’Connor Real Estate

As always, we’d like to hear your thoughts on price, condition, and what you’d like to see here in the future.