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Bagley brick house with wild basement bar asks $110K

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Photos via Estately

We love a good basement bar, and rarely do we see one that sticks so closely to a theme. Located a few blocks away from 7 Mile and Livernois, this Bagley brick house has been in the same family for years. It hasn’t had the same run-of-the-mill treatment as many flips we’ve seen in the neighborhood, and it comes with an unusual feature: a completely decked out basement bar. Mexican cantina? You’ll just have to see it.

Upstairs, the house has a fairly standard formal living room, dining room, and more (we imagine there’s a kitchen but there aren’t any photos of it included). The house also has three bedrooms, one full and two half baths, a decent-sized backyard and a garage. Prices in this neighborhood have been on the rise, but it’s still a neighborhood where you can find good solid homes for under $150K. This one is listed for $109,999—basement decor included—through Nick Williams at Downtown Realty.