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Across from Belle Isle, an elegant Indian Village Manor condo for $239K

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The Loft Warehouse

This week, we’ve seen a few riverfront condos up for sale, from the Riverfront Towers on the west side of downtown to the Detroit Towers on the Gold Coast (although some readers don’t like calling it the Gold Coast, we’re sticking with it).

Next to the Detroit Towers is another great, old school condo option along the Riverfront—Indian Village Manor. We followed along on one renovation a couple years ago. These large condos don’t share walls with their neighbors and residents have private riverfront access. Lovely! This latest one is listing for $239,000.

This unit has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, hardwood floors, a sun room, a fireplace in the living room, a formal dining room, built-ins galore, wainscoting, and a fairly small kitchen with extra storage nearby. HOA fees run at $1,100 per month, and include utilities, trash pick-up, two gated parking spots, security, and a fitness room. Indian Village Manor is on East Jefferson, close to Belle Isle and across from Indian Village. It’s listed through the Loft Warehouse.