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Welcome to the Hamtramck Hotel

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Photo by Robin Runyan

A few years ago, Scott Aaronson saw an article on Curbed about an unusual 23-bedroom hotel for sale in Hamtramck. Aaronson often stayed in hostels while traveling, and enjoyed the experience of getting to know people in that environment. A long process of trying to acquire the property started and finally, late last year, he took ownership of it. The previous owners were a Polish couple who had it for 30 years; before that, another owner had it for 20 years. Now it serves as a long-term stay for residents and a hostel for visitors.

We had to stop by to check it out.

An updated single room.
Interior photos provided by Scott Aaronson
Communal kitchen
A blackboard keeps track of each resident and visitor staying in the hotel.

Aaronson said that the hotel was in good condition, but rooms hadn’t been updated in 20 years. He’s replaced every mattress, box spring, sheet, and blanket in the rooms, and has started renovating the rooms by removing old carpet and refinishing the hardwood floors underneath. The rooms also get fresh paint. A larger room is in the process of becoming a more communal room with bunks. Aaronson is planning on adding a mural to the side of the building this spring.

He also inherited some long-term residents. One had been living here for 20 years and another for 50.

Yes, you heard that right—50.

By opening up the larger room, the hotel now has 24 guest rooms. 20 rooms have a single bed for one person, three rooms have a full or queen size bed for two people, and the larger room will fit six.

The Hamtramck Hotel believes in safe, clean, affordable hostel and community living. Rooms start at $39 per night, with deals for longer stays. Here’s a look around.

An updated room.
A pre-renovation room.
Hardwood floors refinished.
An updated queen room.
Old owner Jan /New owner Scott.