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Elton Park takes shape in Corktown

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Lofts and apartments are coming to the neighborhood

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

The corner of Michigan and Trumbull is changing rapidly in Corktown. Recently, the Corner Ballpark opened at the site of the former Tiger Stadium, bringing baseball back to the neighborhood. With the recent news that Ford might just buy and renovate Michigan Central Station, the demand for housing could rise sharply in the next few years. Elton Park—across from the Tiger Stadium site—will bring hundreds of new apartments to the area.

We stopped by to check out the progress at the development.

According to the developer, Soave Real Estate Group, the exterior of the Checker Cab Building—which will be converted to lofts—is about 75 percent complete. They anticipate installing new windows in late spring. The interior has been roughed out and drywall has started on the upper floors.

In the other two buildings currently under construction in Phase One—the Crawford and Robertson Buildings—we should start to see significant vertical construction over the next 30 to 60 days.

To recap, the Checker Cab Building will house 52 one- and two-bedroom lofts. The Crawford Building (the former Nemo’s parking lot) will rise five stories with 40 apartments, plus retail space. The Robertson Building, behind the UFO Factory, will rise four stories with 45 apartments and retail space.

Here’s an aerial overview of what the development will look like. The Checker Cab Building sits along Trumbull; the Crawford and Robertson Buildings sit kitty corner to each other at Eighth and Elizabeth Streets. Two more buildings will sit along Trumbull in the next phase of the development.

Courtesy of Soave Real Estate Group