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The Downtown Detroit Markets are coming back this spring

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Through the summer

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

During the holidays, visitors to downtown Detroit were able to shop local at an extensive pop-up holiday market that extended through the Auto Show in January. Now, Bedrock and Quicken Loans is bringing the market back for spring.

The markets will be open from April to September, and organizers are hoping to bring more food, beverage, and art vendors downtown.

The application process for vendors runs through March 18, with an announcement of the vendors expected on March 22.

In a press release, Bedrock states that 38 businesses set up shop in Cadillac Square, Capitol Park, and 1001 Woodward in the winter market, generating over $2 million in sales.

“We were very pleased with the success of the Downtown Detroit Markets this winter and are thrilled to welcome new vendors this upcoming season. We are continuing to use this market strategy as a unique way to give these local entrepreneurs an opportunity to sell their products and showcase their brands,” said Francesca George, Director of Tenant Relations & Experience at Bedrock. “We will continue to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience throughout the city with new dining, beverage, retail and entertainment options.”

Photos from the this winter’s holiday markets can be seen here.