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Facade of abandoned Greek Revival home stolen, then found at antique shop

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Don’t mess with Mark Hall or the houses in his neighborhood.

In recent weeks, Hall and some neighbors have started boarding up this beautiful abandoned house at 612 Clairmount Street to prevent any further damage to the interior. Hall noticed yesterday that the facade had been taken from the doorway. Where was it found? The Detroit Antique Mall.

Hall called both Channel 4 and the police, who are currently investigating. According to Channel 4, the police say that the piece can’t be sold, and they’re trying to find the the person who stole it.

A representative from Detroit Antique Mall tells Curbed, “It was a purchase and we have conducted our business according to the law. The police will handle accordingly. We have been in Detroit for almost 40 years and have a stellar business.”

A photo of the facade at the Detroit Antique Mall
Mark Hall

The Google Street View image from 2015 gives an indication of how stately this house could look.

Google Street View

The 1909 house is in Piety Hill, a block from Woodward Avenue and two blocks from the historic Boston-Edison neighborhood. Hall says that it is a duplex and the neighbors are keeping an eye on it. We’ll follow up with updates on the investigation and possible auction. Note: Earlier we stated that this could be headed to the Land Bank. We’ve now learned that the Wayne County Treasurer sold it to a developer last year.