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Jefferson Chalmers bungalow seeks $159K

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via Estately

This week, we’ve seen a few houses on the east side list between $150-200,000. We’re adding one more to add to the list. Maybe it’s time for a comparison. First we saw this Morningside house that was charming and in good shape, but listing for $195K. Then, we saw this remodeled Pingree Park home that’s also move-in ready list for $160K. Now we have an attractive bungalow in Jefferson Chalmers to add to the list. The price? $159,000.

This house has three bedrooms, one bath, lovely oak floors, a newer (kind of sparse) kitchen, new windows, and a big front porch. Jefferson Chalmers sits on the far east side of the city, bordering Grosse Pointe Park and the Detroit River. The commercial corridor along East Jefferson has some active businesses, with many more in the works. It’s an area with rich housing stock and lovely old buildings. Move-in ready houses have been scarce in Detroit over the last few years; maybe we’ll see more hit the market this year? It’s listed through O’Connor Real Estate.