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Green Acres home includes colorful basement, massive wine rack

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This house is made for entertaining

Photos by Andrew Larsen

This new listing has us in the charming Green Acres neighborhood, a sweet little community nestled between Sherwood Forest and nearby Ferndale. The house itself, from the outside, had us thinking of the University District, home to many brick Tudors. Sitting on a corner lot, this handsome home has plenty of curb appeal and inside, you’ll find an attractive interior full of surprises. The price? $284,900.

Looking around, you’ll see a well-kept house with tasteful updates. And then we get to the basement and just like so many Detroit homes, we found a whole new world on the lower level.

This house is 2,474 square feet, with three bedrooms, two full and two half baths, a modern kitchen, a lovely fireplace in the living room, a study, archways, colorful tiling, an impressive wine rack, a bar and patio out back for entertaining (you’ll get to know your neighbors), and an attached garage. This is a great house. It’s listed through Mark Schmansky at Jim Shaffer and Associates at Keller Williams.