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Odd North End multifamily home wants $155K

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Real estate is hard to predict right now in the North End. We’ve seen a lot of homes and buildings go up for sale recently; many think they’re overpriced. The neighborhood is just across Woodward from New Center, which is seeing a lot of development right now. Rental prices rival those in New Center and West Village. A listing for a home last week ambitiously asked $250K. A swath of residential properties also listed last week.

This new listing isn’t in livable condition. It has four units along with some new heating, plumbing, and electrical. It needs a new roof. This one is on Oakland Avenue, right off of East Grand Boulevard. It’s listed by Zach Kilgore, who’s also part owner, and open houses are scheduled for April 21 and 22. Good income and rehab potential? Too much work for the price? What do you think?