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Fix up this North End duplex, yours for $65K

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Denovo Real Estate

We’ve seen some wild prices in the North End recently, but this one might be a little more reasonable. You be the judge. This duplex is just south of the gorgeous homes in Arden Park, and a couple blocks off of Woodward Avenue. It needs pretty much everything except a roof, and it’s listing for $65,000.

Maybe it’s the bright blue brick, or the location, or the fact that it’s a duplex—whatever the reason, it seems like this one has potential. It has four bedrooms, a front porch, some sort of door to nowhere on the second floor (BYO railing for a new balcony), built-ins, and despite a few boarded-up windows, it looks like the rooms get a decent amount of light. What do you think, Curbed readers? A good project house, or still overpriced considering the work needed? It’s listed through Denovo Real Estate.