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The Park Avenue Building is falling apart

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Photos by Mark Hall

This is a tragedy. One of the handsome, but long-neglected buildings at Grand Circus Park—the Park Avenue Building—looks to be in dangerous condition. Mark Hall took these photos today, and bricks from the 11th floor facade have fallen on the street below.

Photo by Mark Hall

The 12-story Park Avenue Building faced demolition in recent years, much like its neighboring Hotel Charlevoix, which got to a point where it was ordered to be torn down (it’s now a parking lot). Longtime owner of both buildings Ralph Sachs died last year, and the Park Avenue Building was listed for sale. The building was sold and is apparently under new ownership.

The Park Avenue Building is next to apartments, now Briggz House, which were renovated in recent years. It sits across the street from the Kales Building, which houses apartments and restaurants. Behind it lies the sea of parking lots.

It would be a shame to lose another building in this area. If anyone has any information about the building, feel free to drop us a note on the tip line. We’ll update when we know more.