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MoGo offers more bike skills classes for urban riders

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Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Hoping to brave the Detroit streets on two wheels this summer? Knowing that not everyone might feel comfortable riding a bike on the city streets, MoGo bike share will offer 16 street skills classes in the coming months.

The courses include:

  • Biking 101, for those who’ve either never ridden a bike or haven’t ridden in years
  • Road Rules, an off-bike session for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists to learn and discuss basic safety on urban streets
  • Confident City Cycling, for those who might be comfortable on a bike but not so comfortable riding with traffic
  • Winter Street Skills, focusing on keeping warm and staying safe through the winter months.

A full schedule, along with sign up links and locations (including the Lexus Velodrome and various parking lots around the city) can be found here. Classes are free and attendees receive a free helmet and a MoGo day pass.

“We believe that anyone who wants to ride a bike should feel safe, comfortable, and confident,” said founder and executive director, Lisa Nuszkowski. “Due to last year’s demand, we’ve doubled the number of courses for our 2018 season in hopes that we can continue to provide opportunities for more people to learn the rules of the road and confidently navigate the city by bike.”