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City, Bedrock partner to revitalize Breithaupt Career and Technical School

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Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Detroit has seen an influx of new restaurants and hotels in recent years. Where can it look to find the next generation of hospitality leaders? Led by $1 million from Bedrock and Quicken Loans, the city is looking to invest $9 million total into revitalizing programming and infrastructure at Breithaupt Career and Technical School.

The school, located on the city’s west side, currently trains 450 students in culinary arts, retail and hospitality; automotive service and collision repair; and mechatronics and welding. With the full investment, Breithaupt can train 650. According to a press release, Breithaupt expects to train over 2,000 youth and adults in the next three years.

The $1 million investment from Bedrock is the first major contribution to the project, which is a partnership between Detroit Public Schools Community District, Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation, the City of Detroit, and the Mayor’s Workforce Development Board. According to the release, DTE Energy, Penske Corporation, General Motors, and the Ford Motor Company will also partner in the school revitalization.

“Our tenants have a strong need for people who have culinary arts, retail, and hospitality skills, and Bedrock’s investment in Breithaupt will help build a pipeline of talent for Detroit’s growing economy,” said Jim Ketai, CEO, Bedrock. “Our company is investing billions in transformational development projects that will generate tens of thousands of permanent and construction jobs in Detroit. Every tenant in our portfolio will benefit from gaining access to job candidates like those that graduate from Breithaupt.”

Bedrock will also “work with community and industry experts to align their curriculum with high-growth, high-demand industries.”

Detroit has multiple hotels in various stages of development, including Bedrock’s Shinola Hotel, the Element Detroit Hotel, and the recently announced West Elm Hotel.