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Transformed Hubbard Farms home asks $299K

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Photos by Corinne Rochkind

Last year, we saw many homes in the historic Hubbard Farms neighborhood command a high price point at sale. Located near Corktown, downtown, Southwest, and the upcoming redevelopment of the West Riverfront, the neighborhood contains many gorgeous old homes, many of which have retained their historic character. This latest listing is for sale by its owner, who put a lot of work into it (as you’ll see below). The price? $299,000.

Older photos show a house (built in 1900) in rough shape on the outside, but with still plenty of original details inside. Here’s a look around pre-renovation. Drop ceilings do not belong here.

The house has gone through a full renovation, including a lovely new kitchen with the addition of a half bath behind it.

The house is 2,879 square feet, with four bedrooms, two baths, new plumbing, refinished floors, updated electrical, a new furnace and water heater, built-ins, stained-glass windows, original and new fixtures, lovely woodwork, and a large backyard. It’s simply a beautiful historic home, tastefully updated. An open house will be held on April 7 from 12-3 p.m.