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For $2,100/month, an eclectic Hubbard-Richard house

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Photos by Nev Muftari

We rarely feature individual rentals, but this five bedroom house in Hubbard-Richard is worth a look. It’s roomy at 2,700 square feet, and the design is charming, eclectic—the works. This one doesn’t look like any other rental in Detroit. Call up your friends and claim your space—it’s renting for $2,100 per month.

The house has been recently renovated, and has a mix of modern, industrial, and antique lighting. We can’t stop looking at the distressed walls, and there’s a range of colors in the wood flooring. Each bathroom looks different, ranging from a fairly neutral color palette to green and white stripes to dark purple paint with charming accents. There’s also a finished third floor with a cute little bench. This house may not be for everyone, but we appreciate it. It’s located near the Ambassador Bridge, close to Southwest Detroit, restaurants and shops along Bagley, Corktown, and the West Riverfront.