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Renovations underway at Detroit’s Masonic Temple

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Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Last spring, we toured many areas behind the scenes at Detroit’s Masonic Temple, including the rarely used East Tower. Looks like it might be in use again soon. Crain’s reports that a $3.7 million renovation has started at the Detroit landmark, and they’re looking for new ways to utilize the space in the East Tower (perhaps for a hotel or offices).

According to Crain’s, work will include:

...renovations of existing restrooms and installation of additional restrooms; sound insulation improvement; upgrades to heating and cooling systems; and updates to two large kitchens. On the exterior, masonry restoration and limestone façade cleaning are planned.

Designed by George Mason and opened in 1926, Detroit’s Masonic Temple is the largest in the world, with over 1,000 rooms. The building has three theaters, two ballrooms, eight lodge rooms, a chapel, and some unfinished spaces we saw on our tour. Jack White swooped in and saved the Masonic from the tax auction in 2013. It’s a popular venue for events, concerts, and weddings. They offer many tours and later this month, they’ll screen a Corrado Parducci documentary.

Renovations should be completed by the end of the year.

Masonic Temple

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