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Wild ‘Lion Gate Estate’ drops price, wants $359K

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Still only shown on sunny days

Photos by Marc Gregor Photography

A couple months ago, we showed you a house that garnered national attention. Lion Gate Estate is not your every day listing. Inside, you’ll find carpeted ceilings, a full diner in the basement, countless statues, and Liberace-like style. Did we mention the listing included everything in it, from statues to collectibles to two custom cars? It’s not been easy to find a buyer for this one-of-a-kind house, so now we have a new listing. It doesn’t have to come “as is.” Collectibles and cars can and likely will be sold through auction and private channels. It’s now listed for $359,000.

We’ve never seen anything like this house, nor do we think we’ll see anything like it again. The house is complete with majestic lions, chandeliers, chartreuse accents in the kitchen, and all white-and-mirrored living room, and a pool with a cabana in the backyard. The owner has collected these objects and entertained at this home for years, but he’s ready for his next chapter. The house is listed through Alex Lauer at Real Estate One.