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West Village home needs so much work, wants $200K

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Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

How much will someone pay for a house that needs all the work in the world, but is located in a desirable neighborhood? We’ve seen a few beautiful but dilapidated homes list in the North End this year; now we have a new listing in West Village. It’s owned by Banyan Investments, who own dozens of homes in the Villages. This one looks like it’s straight from the land bank, and it’s listing for $200,000, or $102 per square foot.

A nearby house in need of rehab just sold for $71 per square foot, while another that looks ready to fall down just sold for $84 per square foot.

The pictures show a house that looked beautiful years ago, but has since fallen on some pretty hard times. The living room has a big bay windows, a fireplace, and built-ins (with books!). The butler’s pantry looks terrifying until you see the basement. A tub has been stripped from the bathroom. All in all, it has four bedrooms, one bath, a big front porch, and a back yard. It’s listed through O’Connor Real Estate. Any guesses on what it could/should go for?