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Six-bedroom Woodbridge house asks $335K

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Photos by Stylish Detroit

We haven’t seen many listings in Woodbridge this year. The charming neighborhood is filled with character-rich Victorians, many with porches and turrets. There’s a good mix of single-family homes and houses divided into apartments in this dense neighborhood, which is located near Midtown, Wayne State University, Corktown, and downtown.

This new listing isn’t as updated as some homes we’ve seen lately, but it has beautiful flooring, pocket doors, and untouched woodwork. It comes in at 2,400 square feet, with six bedrooms, two full and one half baths, a third floor with big windows, a porch, and a backyard. The kitchen is a little awkward, and the house is located on Warren Avenue, one of the busier streets in the neighborhood. It’s listed through Jan Dijkers at the Loft Warehouse for $334,900.