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Do you have a weird home in Detroit?

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Want to show it off in a tour?

A house from the Weird Homes NOLA tour
Photography by Thanin Viriyaki Photography

Do visitors who see your home ask a lot of questions? Do you have an odd collection that dominates your decor? Do you live somewhere that’s not traditionally a house?

The Weird Homes Tour is coming to Detroit August 25, and they’re actively looking for a few more Detroit houses to feature. What might work? According to Weird Homes, they’re looking for eccentric, funky, extraordinary, offbeat, magical, and “weird” homes to open to visitors on a self-guided tour.

This is the first year the tour hits Detroit. They started in 2014 in Austin and have since added New Orleans. They’ll also be in Houston and Portland this year. For those who want to participate, tickets are $30, with VIP tickets for $45. Ten percent of gross ticket sales will go to the United Community Housing Coalition, which works to support affordable housing and keep residents in their homes.

Founder David J. Neff told Curbed that they’re looking for places with rich history or architecture, odd places that have converted into homes, or houses with weird themes. Many of the houses that have been used in the past have been home to artists and creatives He sees it as a way to highlight design and spark creativity in the visitors. “Maybe you go on the tour and you come home and do something different to the house.”

He notes the predominance of shiplap and farm sinks so often seen on TV home repair shows. “We want to fight that trend. People come to our tours to be inspired—to go home and paint a wall yellow, instead of Eggshell No. 09864.”

Interested in attending? More information and tickets can be found here. Want to submit a home? You can do that here.

We’re looking forward to seeing what’s unearthed in Detroit, but we can’t imagine it could beat this one.