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Preservation Detroit to host a Historic District Town Hall

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Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Living in one of the many historic districts in Detroit comes with its own set of rules that can be hard to navigate. For those considering owning a home in a historic district, or for home-owners who want to make improvements, a town hall is scheduled to answer questions and provide resources.

Preservation Detroit, along with Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones, will host a Historic District Town Hall at the Northwest Activities Center on May 7 from 6-8 p.m.

Attendees will have a chance to learn more about making exterior improvements to historic buildings and homes, finding affordable resources for these improvements, and the process of designating a historic district.

Representatives from the Historic District Advisory Board, Detroit Historic District Commission, and members of the Building, Safety, and Environmental Engineering Department; Planning and Development Department; and the Michigan Historic Preservation Network will be on hand for a question and answer panel. Contractors with experience in preservation will also be available.

“As Detroiters, we want to make sure our history is preserved,” said Council President Brenda Jones. “The town hall offers residents new and old an opportunity to connect with the right resources so that they can invest in their historic districts.”