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Majestic Theatre $1 million renovation includes new facade, marquee

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Facade of a several-story Art Deco building with orange paint and vertical strikes of blue and white. There’s also a blue awning over the ground-floor windows. Photo by Andrew Jameson/Wikimedia Commons

Another Detroit concert venue will undergo an extensive renovation this summer. The Detroit Free Press reports that work has started on a $1 million renovation at the Majestic Theatre complex on Woodward Avenue.

Renovations at the theatre will include a new Art Deco facade and marquee, as well as a new box office and ceiling work in the main theatre.

The Majestic Cafe is now closed, but the space will house a larger lobby and bar area.

The renovation is expected to take six months, and all of the other venues within the Majestic complex—Garden Bowl, gt. Pepperoni’s, etc.—are expected to remain open.

The Free Press reports that the venue had trouble getting foot traffic because of the extensive Qline construction over the past few years, and even now that the streetcar is open, it hasn’t rebounded in attendance.

The Majestic has signed on with AEG Presents to book double the amount of shows at the concert venue.

The Majestic Theatre

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