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The Wohlfeil Building near Eastern Market lists for $1.5M

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Mural by Pat Perry
Photos by Jerome Wald III

A vacant building with a recognizable mural just outside of Eastern Market has hit the market. The Wohlfeil Building, with Pat Perry’s mural on the side, is up for sale with the adjacent single-story building and a vacant lot (with the potential for more). The price? $1,499,000.

The Wohlfeil Building dates back to 1912 and has been used as a furniture store, restaurant equipment store, and Buch Supply Co. The four-story building and its neighbor have development plans already sketched out. The single-story building would be divided into three units—two for potential restaurants and one for Laavu Architects. The four-story building would be divided by story into spaces for a production company, a bar or restaurant, and office use. The redevelopment plans can be found through Laavu Architects.

The buildings are located along Gratiot (the smaller building has the colorful “Greetings from Gratiot” mural), near Playground Detroit’s new digs and Hunt Street Station. This listing is through Matt O’Laughlin at Alexander Real Estate.