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Skinny Capitol Park building wants $4.3M

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O’Connor Real Estate

No area of downtown has changed more than Capitol Park in the last five years, with once-run down buildings now commanding high rents and housing boutique retailers. The David Stott Building and the Farwell Building are both well into renovations. What’s left? Here’s a handsome and very skinny building next to the Malcomson Building. The Herman and Ben Marks Furs Building has 30 feet of frontage and its units are column-free. Inside, you can see many years of history, from the 1920s to today. The price? $4,300,000.

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

The six-story, 15,000-square-foot building dates back to 1921 and boasts a lovely terra cotta exterior and large interior spaces. A basement is also available for use. Its neighbor, the Malcomsom Building, was renovated by Bedrock in the past couple years. It also sits next to a property that could house a new build at some point (we saw renderings a couple years ago that never came to fruition). The building is near the Book Cadillac, the Book Tower, and opens to the park itself. It’s listed through Vincent Mazzola at O’Connor Real Estate.