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A halfpipe is coming to the Detroit Princess [updated]

Note: The date has been changed to accommodate two events in one day. On August 5, an afternoon cruise for all ages will start at noon, while a sunset cruise at 7:00 p.m. will be for adults. More info here.

Here’s a different way to see Detroit’s skyline.

Last year, a halfpipe was set up in the Fisher Building; this year, expect a wild event on the Detroit River as a halpipe is coming to top of the Detroit Princess riverboat.

Cruise for the Culture—a floating halfpipe and art exhibit—is scheduled for August 5.

The cruise will float along the Detroit River and around Belle Isle, then under the Ambassador Bridge and back to the Detroit Princess’s home at Hart Plaza.

In addition to stunts, expect local artists and live music.

Organizer Jordan Garland tells us only a few sponsored athletes will be allowed on the halfpipe for this event. There will also be a protective barrier between the crowd and the halfpipe, and an edge built on the outer section of the ramp so bikes and boards can’t leave the ramp. Over 200 people can fit on that top deck, and the event is capped at 200 for a better experience for attendees.

FYI the image above makes it look a bit larger than it will be in real life.

Curious? We are, too. More info and tickets can be found at Cruise for the Culture.

Detroit Princess

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